for Faroese

BLARK 1.0 

 Licensed by CC BY 4.0 and includes e.g.:

  • Transcribed recordings, approx. 100 hours
  • Full form dictionary with phonetic transcription, 24.000 lemmas
  • Guides in Faroese and English
  • PAROLE (part of speech) for Faroese
  • Faroese SAMPA
  • Background text corpus, approx. 25 million words

You can read more about the making of BLARK 1.0 here.


What is a BLARK?

BLARK is an acronym for "Basic Language Resource Kit." In a BLARK you can find all necessary resources to develop different language technology tools (e.g. speech recognition) for a specific language. Our BLARK is especially made to produce ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition), but the resources it contains can also be used for e.g. speech synthesis, lexicography and linguistic research.