The Ravnur Project

The Project Ravnur

under the Talutøkni Foundation


The Ravnur Project group got the assignment to gather and create resources for a BLARK and to make Faroese speech recognition. The project started in 2019 and BLARK 1.0 will be published on July 1st 2022.

The Project Group

Language technology intertwines linguistics and IT, so linguists, students at the Faculty for Faroese and other assistants as well as IT workers joined forces to work on this project.

High Quality Recordings

The Project Ravnur has produced speaking samples using high quality microphones. This means that the recordings can be used for many different kinds of technology and research.

All Dialects Represented

We have put much effort into having all the dialects in the Faroe Islands represented in our recordings in addition to having recordings of people of different ages.

Open Source

From the start we have emphasised that the Ravnur Resources would be Open Source. That means that the linguistic resources will be made publicly available to download and further develop into different kinds of language technology such as an ASR. This is sharing of knowledge that saves the Faroese (language) society financial resources!