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Push Prompt

Here you can upload a txt file and get the tool to prompt one line of the text at a time. Once finished you can download a file with timecodes in epoch format. These timecodes can then be used to set automatic boundaries in a recording.

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Resource Checker

It is important that all our files are "on the same page." Hence we have developed this tool, which can check and compare different files. You can e.g. check which words in a txt file are missing in the Ravnur dictionary.

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Word List Generator

With this tool you can get a word list where each word has a set amount of letters. The file that you upload has to be in CSV file format.

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Make Lemma

With this tool you can make a full form lemma by using the dictionary from The Project Ravnur. You type in the word for which you want all word forms, and it will give you a preset amount of possible lemmas with phonetic transcription.

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Pronounciation Variation Mapper

The descriptive phonetic transcription of an utterance is rarely the exact same as the prescriptive phonetic transcription in our dictionary. This tool compares the transcription in TextGrid files with that in our dictionary.

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Text Scrambler

You can upload a text file or enter the text in the field. This tool then scrambles the text on a line for line or word for word basis.

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